Michael Phelps won his 19th Olympic Gold medal the other day, helping the US Men’s team to victory in the 4×100 metres freestyle relay. That’s his 23rd Olympic medal, no shit!

b’Source: AFP’

But what exactly goes into being a serial champion? Years of blood, sweat and tears, yes. But what else?

The answer is focus. A single-minded determination to win. To reach that finish line. To win that damn medal. And that’s exactly what’s written on Phelps’ face, moments before he takes to the pool, to help his team to the title, to help himself to yet another Olympic Gold medal.

Just look at that face…

Here, take a closer look…


If you’ve ever wondered how he racked up all those medals, here’s your answer. Of course, you need all the months and years of preparation and sacrifice. 

But when it boils down to the moment of truth, you need focus. Eyes only on that finish line. The only thing on your mind should be those 100 metres between you and glory. 

You need to want it. Real bad.