Sidhu might be a nightmare to work with, but he comes up with these beauties once in a while. Numbers can be used in the most amazing ways if we knew how to interpret them and temper our game accordingly.

“Statistics are like miniskirts, they reveal more than they hide.” -Navjot Singh Sidhu

Exactly where Mohandas Menon comes in. This man spends close to seventeen hours a day scanning every sports report in the world and then feeding it into his spreadsheet to come up with the most mind-boggling statistics you could think of. Here’s a compilation of some tweets to prove it to you:

After KKR’s 1-wicket win over Kings XI Punjab – this seriously brilliant statistic!

And this one.

Info about that on-field umpire officiating for the match.

Survival of the fittest.

Some trivia about the on-going events in the world.

All work and play makes Mohan a dull boy.

Looking back.

Trust him to watch each ball, each boundary.

Show me the money! #MayPac

Trust Mr Menon to catch the smallest of details.

Once in a while, you’ll also read numbers about non-sport entities…

This very interesting statistic about Pakistan’s Mohd Hafeez.

Random trivia, fascinating nonetheless.

He just knows it all, doesn’t he?


The evolution of opening stands in Tests. Pattern much?

He just loves the numbers, doesn’t he?

On the great Richie Benaud’s passing.

Looking back at the longest bowling careers – when Vettori announced his retirement.

One of most heartening statistics from WC 2015 for Indian supporters.

Just before the #CWC15 final.

Another beautiful statistic about India in recent ICC tournaments.

After India’s tragic loss to the Aussies in the semis of #CWC15

And here even he re-iterates the dream of a summer that Steven Smith has had.

The man’s a wizard, isn’t he? All the amazing statistics you read above are only from the past 45 days on his timeline. If you want your daily dose of numbers from around the world, follow him @mohanstatsman .