As a person who didn’t even want to be a cricketer, the ways in which MS Dhoni changed the sport, are just unimaginable. He took many bold decisions, redefined what persistence means overall gave an entire generation, a sporting icon they will always look upto.

And even though it is tough, here we have compiled 15 things that make MS Dhoni, MS Dhoni. Oh, the nostalgia.

1. His hilarious comments behind the stumps.

2. And his suggestions to the bowlers that were bang on.

3. His love for the country that dictated everything he did on the field.

4. His unorthodox helicopter shot, which he had developed during his early days as a cricketer.


5. His humility even as one of the most successful cricketers in the world.

6. His unmatchable skills as the wicketkeeper.


7. His fearlessness while making decisions.

8. And his daring, beautiful finishes. 


9. His gestures towards his opponents.

10. And towards his fans.

11. His quick wit that kept us entertained.

12. His respect for his seniors.

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News 18

13. His love for his juniors.


14. His habit of taking the responsibility for India’s losses.

15. And of course his famous hairstyle from the late 2000s.

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Honestly, I can go and on because no list – however long – can justify Dhoni’s contribution to Indian cricket. Happy birthday, Mahi, what a pleasure to be your fan!