MS Dhoni has the kind of following that cannot be defined with just one word – fans feel personally associated to the cricketer, and that’s fair. Most times when love and admiration comes with fame, we ignore the person’s journey and associate them only with privilege. So, if MS Dhoni is what he is today, there’s struggle and a lot of work that it took.

MS Dhoni

Recently, a fan mentioned how Dhoni defeated Australia in semifinals of the T20 World Cup as captain. Harbhajan Singh responded that the entire team was responsible for the victory. He further wrote that most headlines read that the captain won, when cricket is a team sport – which is fair and honest – but his anger was misplaced. Following this, another Twitter user responded with an old video.

The said video shows Dhoni in a post-match interview, talking to Ravi Shastri. After the win, he says, “Me and my boys have proved you wrong”. It shows that MS Dhoni never treated it as his own victory, and tried to acknowledge the entire team, which was the right thing to do. This not only shows the kind of captain he was, but also the person that he’ll always be.

And Twitter clearly loves him for that.

The captain sure leads a team, but that shouldn’t take away from the effort that the rest of the team puts in. That said, being a captain comes with pressure and responsibility, which needs to be acknowledged.