There is no player as revered as MS Dhoni in the current Indian squad. Some would say he is the most revered ever. 

So, things have to really go wrong for everyone to be collectively criticising his performance. To his (and our) misfortune, things did really go wrong today. 

The former captain scored 28 runs off 52 balls but it is the horror of his ‘almost run-out’ that is going to haunt us for a while. 

For those who weren’t following the match, Afghanistan missed possibly the easiest run-out of this World Cup as they couldn’t dismiss, Dhoni and Jadhav, both running towards the same end of the pitch.

But spinner Rashid Khan and wicket-keeper Ikram Ali Khil didn’t take too long to redeem themselves and dismissed Dhoni in the same over. 

This had Twitter feeling all kinds of emotions. Here we have compiled some of them.

As a big believer of the ‘Dhoni magic’, I’d like to think that he will turn things around. Hope is all we have anyway.