MS Dhoni is back. Not in the team, sadly, but he has made his first media appearance after THAT World Cup semi-final.

Naturally, people had a lot of questions, which he answered with complete honesty. 


To begin with, his future in the squad. Times of India reported Mahi as saying that it is something that frustrates him as well, but he’d rather focus on the solutions rather than dwell on what is wrong.

I would say, I feel equally frustrated. I also feel angry at times, disappointed. But what is important is that none of these feelings are constructive. What is the next thing I can plan? Who is the next individual, whom I can use? Once I get into it, I am controlling my emotions in a much better way.
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MS and angry? Those are two things that don’t go together. Well, in our heads. The former captain said that he also feels all these negative emotions but he is just better at controlling them.

I am like everyone else but I control my emotions better than some of the other individuals.
Khaleej Times

The captain who led India to 2 World Cup victories, then told his strategy of winning big tournaments.

What you want to achieve as a team is to win the tournament but that’s a long-term goal. Ultimately, what you do is to break it into smaller things. If it’s a Test match, you have two innings, you get slightly longer duration to plan out your next move. In T20s, everything happens very quickly, so demands are different.

One of those tournaments was World T20, 2007. Speaking of the historic final, Dhoni stressed on the importance of team effort.

It’s not always about few of the individuals performing a lot better than the whole lot. What you want is for everybody to contribute. That one wicket at that right moment, that outstanding catch.

It’s reassuring to know what is going on in the mastermind’s head. As for his comeback, I guess we will have to wait and see what happens.