Every generation has a player that they can call theirs. For us, it’s MS Dhoni. He taught us that there is more to a sport than technical knowledge and skills. That runs win you matches but sometimes, you may be required to not take one, keep the strike, change the strike, give it to your partner, and see your side home. 

That’s the most basic of tactics, of course, and just an example. What Dhoni did on the field, well, I have a feeling we will still be discovering the reasons behind his actions decades from now.

One such action was taken in 2008 when India was playing Australia in the final of the Commonwealth Bank Series. India were on the verge of winning when MS called for gloves.

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It was, in fact, to send a message back to the pavilion. He wanted the whole squad to not celebrate on the balcony, no over-the-top screaming/shouting. But there was more to it. He also wanted his side to look at the opposition blankly, and “firmly” shake hands with them. Not too firmly, though. 

That must have been a little confusing for the players at the time, but the possible reasoning behind this is that Dhoni did not want Australia to think that India considered them to be an undefeatable side. He needed it to look like India was naturally happy with the win, but not over the moon or anything.

He must have been planning ahead. 

Plus, there was humility in this. He is called a genius for a reason.