Apart from his brilliant game, what makes MS Dhoni special is that he has always been full of humility. Here are just a few examples of him displaying his down-to-earth nature and helping people or making their day. Read on.

1. When he signed the match ball and gave it to kids who were crying after CSK’s semifinal against Delhi Chargers.

2. When he politely gave the business class seats of the plane so he could give his seat to India’s team manager, K George John, who had trouble fitting his legs in the economy class. 

3. When he went to meet his elderly fan after a CSK match and got photos clicked with her.

4. When he turned down the offer of inaugurating a pavilion named after him and stated, “Apne hi ghar mein kya inaugurate karna?“.

5. When he set up the field for Bangladesh during India’s World Cup warm-up match against the side.

6. When he decided to hep Faf du Plessis who was struggling with pain during South Africa’s match against India in 2015. This happened at Wankhede.

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7. When he arranged tickets for Pakistani cricket fan, Mohammed Bashir before the T20 World Cup final in 2014.


8. When he stopped his car to interact with a young fan and shook hands with him. This happened in 2018.


Truly the best and the most humble.