No matter how much I believe that a player is never beyond a team, it’s different in the case of Mahendra Singh Dhoni. When he hits those massive sixes, fans hardly care about the win or loss of CSK. In fact, the ‘Yellow Army’ cheers louder when a wicket goes down, as they are so eager to watch their beloved Mahi Bhai come to bat. It doesn’t matter if he is captaining the side or not, he is still their ‘Thala’ (The Leader). When he is not batting, just a glimpse of him from the dressing room shown by the cameraman is enough to break the internet. 


The IPL nowadays has become a bit more special as it’s the only time fans have the chance to witness the Man, the Myth, the Mahi. This IPL season is no different, with deafening noise around the stadium and the online viewership spiking when MS enters to bat. It hasn’t been halfway through the season and we already have several moments to prove why Mahendra Singh Dhoni is ‘Thala for a reason’

1. Dhoni and his Sixes in Wankhede is a love story for the AGES

When it comes to delivering to unrealistic expectations, Dhoni seldom disappoints. 3 balls, 3 sixes. That’s it. Coming to bat for just the last 4 deliveries of the innings against MI, Mahi scored an astonishing 20 runs off just 4 balls. And guess by how many runs CSK won the match? 20, Thala for a reason. 

Punjab Kesari

And it sure was a moment of deja vu for all of us.

2. When Dhoni pulled off a prank on the crowd

In the match against KKR, CSK was in a very easy position and needed just 2 runs to win. It already had been 2 games at Chepauk (Chennai’s home ground) and people were yet to see Mahi bat. So everyone expected MS to come out to bat. Instead, it was Jadeja who seemed to be marching out in his batting gear, to the utter disappointment of the fans. But seconds later, when Dhoni came out with his bat, the crowd went all nuts.

Later, Tushar Deshpande of CSK revealed that the prank was masterminded by Thala himself. Thala for a reason. 

3. Dhoni doesn’t need to hit a SIX to win hearts, he can do it with a single

In the same match, when MS decided to come to bat with only 2 runs required, people expected him to hit a six and finish off in style. Instead, he took a single to let Ruturaj Gaikwad, who had already played a match-winning knock, hit the winning runs. It seemed poetic, like a gesture of passing the captainship baton to the young lion.


4. Dhoni knows how to prank the crowd, but the man can take a joke on himself

Dhoni has been the subject of a viral meme where he could be seen dancing to the beats of “Bole jo Koyal”. So when the ad of him riding a bicycle and singing the same song became online, the internet was taken by a storm. There’s also a video of Jadeja and Rahane explaining to Ruturaj the essence behind the phrase ‘Thala for a reason”. Pure comedy gold!


5. DRS is actually Dhoni Reviewing System, and it doesn’t matter if he’s the captain or not

Dhoni has been called a genius of the game for challenging the umpire’s decisions and being proven right most of the time. This has prompted fans to call the Decision Reviewing System (DRS) as Dhoni Reviewing System. In the first match against RCB, everyone was looking at MSD when they wanted to challenge an umpiring decision. But Dhoni swiftly pointed them towards Rituraj Gaikwad, who is the current captain of CSK. When it comes to yellow, people hardly recognise anyone else as the skipper.

6. Dhoni isn’t 42, he is 6 times 7

When he is not hitting sixes or challenging the umpire’s wrong decisions, Mahi is entertaining us with his astonishing athletic abilities. This catch taken by him to dismiss Vijay Shankar can be an inspiration and benchmark for the youngsters. Sometimes it’s really hard to believe he’s 42. Sorry, 6 times 7. Thala for a reason.


7. Dhoni challenges SOUND as a concept when he enters the stadium

Star Sports Network are incorporating a new technology into their IPL broadcast called ‘Shor Meter’ in which they record and show the noise level inside the stadium. And no points for guessing who has been involved with the loudest of cheers from the crowd. When Dhoni stepped onto the Stadium ahead of toss for the IPL 2024 season opener, the decibel levels reached 130 at the moment. It is the loudest noise level detected in this IPL.

8. Bazinga

Hah, you really thought we’d give you a point EIGHT. Not that there are not any more reasons but Dhoni is 7 and 7 is Dhoni. Thala for a reason.