The day much dreaded day has come. The day we have been fearing for years now. 

The thought ‘what will happen when Mahi retires?’ is no more a thought. 

He has. Mahi has retired. We will never see him playing in India colours again. 

Indian Express

But even as the emotions get the better of us, let us take a moment to thank Mahi for all that he has given to India. 

2 World Cup victories. A Champions Trophy that is so close to our heart, it feels like it happened yesterday.

The Week

And of course, the countless moments of sheer brilliance that can not be defined by numbers or words. 

From 2004 to 2020. For 16 years, he was on the field representing India. Or at least there was hope that he will be. With that gone, it will be tough.

Times Now

But if there is anyone who knows about ending things the way they should be, it’s MS. 

Dhoni finishes off in style, the Indian captain was magnificent.