I don’t know if you have seen, but Virat Kohli shared this picture on his social media handles today. 

The picture is from India’s 2016 T20 World Cup match against Australia. This was a crucial match for both teams as it was the quarterfinal and hence a knockout game.

Dhoni and Kohli stitched a match-winning 67-run partnership that day and while everything about the match makes for a great throwback, the timing of this picture has left fans a little worried. 

If some people on social media are to be believed, MS Dhoni is going to hold a press conference today where he might announce his retirement. 

However, there has been no communication from the BCCI or any other official source, so matters are pretty unclear.

Let’s see if this is indeed the end of the road for Dhoni or just one of those social media rumours. We’re rooting for the latter, in our heart of hearts.