Focused like a hawk, MS Dhoni doesn’t let mistakes slip. Even if it’s the opposite side making them. 

Call it his excellence, greatness, swag, humility or all of the above – Dhoni asked Bangladesh bowler Sabbir to move his fielder from mid-wicket to square-leg in the warm-up match between the two nations yesterday.

Seeing that Dhoni was absolutely correct, Sabbir obliged and what looks like, shouted at his fielder who then had to move. He also gestured towards Dhoni to say sorry for the inconvinience.

As if the classic Dhoni century was not enough, fans got to see him setting the field for the opposition and it was enough for a wave of tweets. 

Possibly playing his last World Cup, Dhoni is showing absolutely no signs of fatigue or carelessness so far. He even a hit a 6 so huge yesterday, that the umpire had to order a fresh ball. 

Guess the retirement talks will be put on hold for a while?