Yesterday, English pacer James Anderson became the first fast bowler in history to make 150 test match appearances.

The Indian Express

Anderson achieved this extraordinary feat by taking the new ball against South Africa at the SuperSport Park on Boxing Day. 

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And in what was a pleasant surprise, his 150th Test cap was given to him by the man who had given him his first Test cap, the then English Captain Nasser Hussain. 


Hussain credited Anderson for his long career and continuing to serve England even after 16 years of backbreaking labour, literally. 

People have been applauding Hussain’s words and how he simply walked away after the speech to let Jimmy have his moment. 

James Anderson has been the finest exponent for fast bowling with the red ball we have seen in the last decade and a half. The fact that he’s the only seamer who has ever lasted this long with the red cherry is a testament to the legend he is.