Internet can do wonders. At times a story is shared so much that it gets everyone’s attention changing people’s lives for good.

Few days ago, story of national boxer and NIS qualified coach Abid Khan went viral on social media. 

A boxing champion and medallist in the 80s, Abid went on to train army personnel for 5 years. 

Unable to find a decent job for himself, he went to Saudi Arabia and worked as a taxi driver to make ends meet. On returning to India, he took to driving a pickup auto.


Speaking to Indian Express, he said:

All these years made me believe that in this country, poor sports-persons only suffer.

Many sportspersons and celebrities shared his story.

This motivated Abid to provide coaching to underprivelged children. Currently, he is training them at the park near his rehabilitation colony flat in Dhanas, Chandigarh, taking time out of his day job as a pick-up loader and driver.

His story also caught the attention of Anand Mahindra. He has offered to lend support and invest in his startup boxing academy.

Netizens are also applauding Anand Mahindra’s efforts to invest in talented people.

We hope that Abid Khan receives all the support to start his boxing academy and train the next generation of boxers in India.