Adding new sports to the mix is a good way to keep up with the times and making sure that there is something for everyone to watch. There are 4 new sports that will be making a debut at the Tokyo Olympics and here we take a look at them.

1. Karate

The Japanese self-defence combat sport makes a debut this year, after being a contender for decades. The sport will be played for 3 days and will feature stars like Steven Da Costa, Miho Miyahara and Ken Nishimura.

2. Skateboarding

With the sport becoming famous among young adults across the world, the Olympics organisers thought it would be good to include it in the Games too. It will showcase the talent of participants between 12 to 47 years of age. This includes Nyjah Huston and Sky Brown.

3. Surfing

The attempts to make surfing an Olympic sport began in 1912 but a serious step by the International Surfing Association was taken in 1995. Surfing is highly popular among people who love the ocean and is only expected to see a rise in fame. Carissa Moore, Stephanie Gilmore and Gabriel Medina will be some athletes to look out for.

4. Sport Climbing

In this competition, participants will have to climb a 15-foot-high wall that will be strewn with hurdles. There is also an event called “speed” which is literally a race but on a vertical surface. The sport will feature Adam Ondra, and Slovenian Janja Ganbret among others. 

Looks like stuff competition and a lot of fun.