With the number of catches we dropped today (2 in the super-over itself), New Zealand should have not only won the match but won it with ease. 

I had given up, honestly. I was ready to take a lunch break.

New Zealand, though. SERIOUSLY? 

After the World Cup final, we thought ‘oh, what a once in a lifetime game’, ‘what thrill’. 

Well, this is the SECOND super-over they have LOST in just this series. And I am falling short of words.

Needing 7 runs from the last over, with no real tension of losing wickets, the Kiwis still managed to take things to a super-over. They scored 6 runs as 4 of their batsmen were dismissed by Shardul Thakur.

Now, I am all for sportsmanship and New Zealand is truly, my ‘second team’ – but at this point, I have to say: Tumse na ho paayega. Twitter does too.

They gave India a target of 14 to achieve in the super-over, which, to put it simply – was not tough at all. 

That being said, what a brilliant performance by Indian bowlers in death overs. They have proved yet again why they are called the ‘best bowling unit in the world’. 

The Kiwis, on the other hand, might want to get some puja done.