When we Indians talk about AB de Villiers, we do it with an unusually bright smile on our faces, that comes only for someone you think is your own.  

AB, even at the prime of his career, was in fact one of our own. 

The guy, called Mr. 360 for the range of shots he could play, is a master of the game but what makes him stand out is his humility.

He talks highly of his opponents.

Never thinks something is beneath him. (So a rickshaw ride with the entire family? Sure).


And loves cricket with the passion of a crazy but vulnerable lover. So much, that when asked how he would want to be remembered, this is what he said.

But just when you think he is all about being nice and mannered, he shows versatility in his personality as well. 

These instances from his appearance on What The Duck hosted by Vikram Sathaye, prove the same. 

There was this one funny bit where Vikram was trying to teach fielding to Jonty Rhodes and AB, possibly two of the best fielders cricket has known. And this was AB’s cheeky reaction to being educated on the job he does so well.

Later, when Jonty was talking about naming his daughter India, AB had this brilliant idea. 

Taj de Villiers does sound amazing.

Now, Jonty came from a different era where there were very few South African cricketers to look up to. So he took to idolising Allan Border (embarrassingly so, as he admitted) and AB had this hilarious observation to make.

And if you thought he is the last person to prank someone, you might want to change your opinion.

The TV prank, continued…

Not so nice after all, is he? Doesn’t matter, we love AB anyway.