A Nepalese climber Nirmal Purja has carved his name in history as he’s broken all the records for climbing all the 14 highest peaks in the world in less than seven months. 

The 36-year-old record-breaking climber is a former member of the Gurkha unit and a soldier in the elite Special Boat Service. 

With an ambition to conquer all the fourteen 8,000 meter peaks in the world, he kicked off his dream venture in April and called it “Project Possible”. 


Facing several hardships, that are documented on his official Twitter handle, he did battle through hell to make his dreams come true.

Starting from Everest to Cho Oyu, Dhaulagiri to Kangchendzönga, he has managed to conquer the peak of every mountain top in the world with a height of over 8,000 meters in a record time of 6 months and 6 days. 


The last person who managed to climb all the 14 peaks was Polish climber Jerzy Kukuczka in 1987. He completed his quest after 7 years, 11 months and 14 days. 

Adventure Journal

While we’re struggling to climb a flight of stairs without running out of breath, Nirmal Purja has really made us proud by climbing 14 peaks in the shortest record time possible.