The World Test Championship final may not have had the best start because of the incessant, expected rain, but when the game did resume, it was someone behind the mic who instantly became a fan-favorite. 

We’re talking about Dinesh Karthik who made his commentary debut in the WTC final and has been getting great praise so far. 

It makes sense, too. His commentary is crisp, precise, and witty when needed. For instance, at one point, his co-commentator Nasser Hussain said, “Rohit is a great puller of the short ball. Uses his feet well against spin. Shows positive intent”. To which Karthik replied, “Yes, exactly the opposite of you!”.

Overall, Karthik is currently the unofficial Player of the Match, and here are some reactions on his performance so far. 

Good one, Karthik. The preparation shows.