A mega sporting event, held every four years. Athletes from around the globe train for years to get a crack at international glory and make their countries proud. That is what the Olympics is all about, right? 

Well, not exactly.


At Rio 2016, we have heard stories that transcend all borders and boundaries. The Olympics has always been an inspiration when it comes to unity in diversity. 

There are so many stories that ooze with awesomeness. Like these guys, the Refugee Olympic Team


Or this photo of the Egypt vs Germany beach volleyball match that shows what the Olympics brings together: so many different cultures! 

Ian Bremmer | Twitter

No matter where you come from or what you do, you are here to be a part of something that the world is watching. Something that everyone else is equally a part of. 

Winning, and everything else, is merely embellishment.


Having said that, unity is something North & South Korea aren’t really known for. Relationships between both the countries have been in turmoil for countless years. 

But then, there are moments like these…



Moments that you will only see at the Olympics…


And this is why these aren’t just games. You may be divided by borders, but the Olympics unites you.