Novak Djokovic recently got into a fight with a fan during one of his US Open practice sessions and the video is now doing rounds on the internet.

Djokovic was due to play a practice match at 5 PM but the same got postponed to 6 and then 7 PM. He finally arrived at the court at 7:25 PM and was practicing some shots when a fan presumably heckled him. 

The person’s exact words are unknown but Djokovic was agitated enough to go to them and talk face-to-face.

The two had a heated conversation, at the end of which Djokovic was heard saying, “I will find you”.

The video has been doing rounds on social media since then, with people saying it was unprofessional of him to talk that way.

However, some also took his side and said that the fan should not have done that.

This is not the first time Novak Djokovic has been involved in a controversy on the tennis court but this one – by his own admission – helped him win the match against Denis Kudla.

He also said that he ‘liked the guy’ in the post-match presentation, which seems sarcastic but it did motivate him to win by straight sets.