Sure, Neeraj Chopra is now the world number 2 in men’s Javelin throw, after having won India her first gold medal in the sport. Sure, he is now a sporting sensation in our country. But, this old interview will tell you a different story; about a time when he not only wasn’t an Olympics gold medallist; but also didn’t have an idea about javelin throwing.

Deccan Herald

In an old video that is now doing rounds on social media Neeraj Chopra admitted that he did not have much of an idea about javelin throwing. 

Have a look at the video. 

The video was shared by BJP’s Tajinder Pal Singh Bagga, where Neeraj talks more about how he got into a sport that was not very renowned.

The video is from a Star Sports event celebrating sportspersons and it has garnered 12.8k likes and, more than 84.2k views so far. 

The host in the video is seen asking Neeraj, “How did javelin happen, tells us the story?” Neeraj, in response, requests the host to ask the question in Hindi and then replied “God decided it for me. I used to play different sports in my village (Khandra)”.

India times

He further adds, “I went to the ground and saw seniors throwing the Javelin in the air, I joined them, I did not even know what Javelin is. It started just like that and, now I’m here in front of you.”

Netizens are lauding and showering love in the comment section.

He deserves all the love he is getting.