Kids these days actually bored of watching cricket videos. And nobody can blame them. There’s just too much of them and they are everywhere. But for us 90s kids, things were a bit different. 

The Sports crush

Mostly because we had some legends back in the day. I mean, can you honestly imagine Sachin & Sehwag batting without Tony Greig’s voice?


Anyhow, the reason we are here because someone posted this hilarious blooper from the Morocco Cup in 2002. Well, to be honest, it happened on LIVE TV, so technically it’s not a blooper. 

First of all, Ian Healy made a silly mistake and Manjrekar just played along. 

But then, Healy made another mistake by calling Manjrekar Sachin and everyone, including Tony Grieg just lost their shit. 

Twitter, too seems to be getting nostalgic and enjoying this a lot!

You can watch the whole video here: 

This is seriously gold.