12-0. That was the record Indians proudly boasted when talking about encounters against Pakistan in the World Cups. We had never lost a match against them. Until today.

After Pakistan’s 10-wicket victory against India in the opening match for both sides at the World T20, 2021, the tally now stands at 12-1; and while that hurts, we have to give the opposition credit where it’s due. 

Going into the match, Pakistan was an underdog.

India was the stronger team on paper.  

India is the strongest team on paper. 

So naturally, no one thought that an upset would be possible, especially considering the aforementioned history between the two sides. 

But the green jersey wearers held their own today. They didn’t just dismiss Indians for cheap, but also were wise enough to not rush when it was their turn to bat. 

They made sure they did not fall for India’s much-feared bowling attack and it is truly commendable that they lost zero wickets on the same pitch where they scalped 7. 

As for India, the match has brought lessons in many aspects, and we have no doubt that the team will make the best out of the conditions that await us.  

These men have tremendous talent and there is no practical reason why a comeback should be ruled out.

So, while it is understandable that the emotions are riding high at the moment, one shouldn’t lose sight of the fact that it was the first match of the tournament. A high-stake match, but first. 

We will be back, and we will win.

But today, Pakistan has a lot to celebrate. They have created history by showing great character and strength on the field, and it is important that we congratulate them on it.

You did well, Pakistan. We’ll hopefully meet again in the tournament and India will avenge this loss, but today’s win was well-deserved. 

Sincerely, an Indian.