Anything apart from plain anger for Pakistan’s victory against India in the World T20 can land you in jail. You can be charged with sedition and put behind the bars, and I’d want to tell you the exact nature of the celebration that could be dangerous but the thing is, it’s not clear.

Because there is no law which states that celebrating a particular team’s victory is prohibited.

These are the unbelievable times we live in, quite in contrast to the late 90s, when team Pakistan could take a victory lap around a stadium in India, Indians could give them a standing ovation, and everyone could go back to their homes safely.

This is what happened in 1999, after the first Test of the 2-match series between India and Pakistan at the Chepauk Stadium.

The cricket-loving audience of Chennai gave due respect to the opponents because, well, they were the winners. They had won by a short margin, won nevertheless.

That video, those visuals are shared every now and then as a reminder of how things were, and how they could be if everyone decides to put an end to hate.

However, this time around, it all hurts a bit more than usual. Because this time around, things are worse than they have been, in decades.

This whole thing is truly heartbreaking. The cricket lovers on both sides of the border who don’t have any political agenda and watch the sport for the love of it, deserve better than this. Every person in both countries deserves better than what’s been happening.