Australian cricketer Pat Cummins in Mumbai for Kolkata Knight Riders’ match against Mumbai Indians in the IPL. But he has a few days before the game kickstarts. So Cummins decided to use this time wisely and ask his followers on Twitter about local cuisine that he must try. 

Desi Twitter obliged and actually offered some really nice advice. 

But mostly, people, including news anchor Rajdeep Sardesai suggested Vada Pav. 

Despite many protests by people on Sardesai’s suggestion, Cummins decided that it was the winner. Hey, what are you gonna do? Blue tick guys stick together, what can you do? 

Anyhow, all that really matters is that Cummins tried it and it seems like he really liked it. 

But people were still telling him how he chose the right food but from the wrong place. Guys, just leave the man alone. 

And like god’s honest man that he is, Pat Cummins also gave a very nice review!

Cummins is a good man. You just can’t help but like him. He’s just nice.