The IPL Auction came with a number of new headlines this year. However, Pat Cummins becoming the league’s most expensive player for an hour is definitely the one that tops the list. Cummins was secured for INR 20.50 crore by Sunrisers Hyderabad. As much as we’d like to talk about his incredible bowling skills or career, as we must, the country is focused on something else.

Pat Cummins
Zee Business

People are mostly focused on money. The whopping amount has left too many of us wondering what he’d do with all of it. Of course, some are also offended with him getting all this ‘Indian money’. Clearly, paisa is the source of all kalesh.

IPL Auction
Hindustan Times

Then there are memes, because that’s how we cope with most things now. Good for Pat. However, the reactions are proof that we’ve forgotten the ‘Cricket part’ after the auction.

My mom would say, “Nazar lag jayegi.” Pat should be concerned.