“I’m not going to bowl, oh wait, yes I am”

1. This Gif of Amit Mishra getting 3rd time unlucky.

2. This Gif of Maxwell playing this insane shot.

3. This Gif of Andre Russell trying to invent a new delivery

4. This Gif of Zaheer Khan playing this shot.

5. This Gif of David Warner rewriting the already rewritten art of batting with this reverse “Dil-scoop”

6. This Gif of Chris Lynn doing a Jonty.

7. This Gif of Maxwell being awesome.

8. This Gif of Yadav playing a shot that no coach ever teaches.

9. This Gif from the movie ‘Catch me if you can’.

10. This Gif that puts Psy to shame.

11. This Gif of Dwayne Bravo proving why no one can beat the Caribbeans at celebrations.

12. This Gif of Ricky Pointing flying like an 18 year old.

13. This Gif of this player getting some massive airtime.

14. This gif of Bhajji trying to do a Gayle.

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