Narendra Modi: Prime Minister of India, Star Wars fan and now cricket commentator.

When Ravi Shastri tweeted to the PM congratulating him on BJP’s landslide victory in the Uttar Pradesh elections, one must not have expected to see an epic reply from the man holding the highest office in the country.

But as we already know, PM Modi’s pop-culture game is usually on point – on stage or on Twitter. Remember him saying “may the force be with you” when he was in America?

Well, this time he made another popular reference when Shastri used his own cliche to congratulate him.

To which Modi replied…

In case you’re not a cricket fan – Modi was pulling Shastri’s leg for the former cricketer’s commonly used cliche – “cricket is the real winner.”

BJP president Amit Shah also tried his hand at sending a witty reply, but he miserably failed.

At the end of the day, Twitter is the real winner.