Sponsored by Pringles

Picture this: a match is at its peak moment, your eyes glued to the T.V. and your entire house is silent. The commentator’s voice resounds, “aaand it’s a SIX” and suddenly your viewing party goes crazy with emotions. It’s that time of the year when the country is united by their love for cricket and even the non-fans like me join the bandwagon to successfully duck the FOMO. What I’m trying to get at is that the game is no fun without the appropriate prep and that includes your squad, among other things. After all, it’s the game of togetherness. To make your screening plans even better, Pringles has been coming up with some really fun activities.

They showed us how the delicious Pringles can be repurposed to cheer your favourite team, and boy, aren’t they a hoot! Look at these guys having a blast with their Pringles cans. 

On one hand, Rob from Mad Stuff showed us how to turn the can into a Vuvuzela. Kaneez Surka, on the other hand, gave this quirky idea of channelling our inner Sunil Gavaskar with Pringles can as a mic. And you know what, every game has been even more fun with me and my squad adding our own commentatory to the match. If you are still not convinced then check out how Raghu Dixit and Akshay have their own fun with Pringles cans. 

But we’re about to enter the big leagues now. No, not in terms of semi-finals but in terms of our fandom. It’s time to go BIG or go home. The chips brand has now come with another fun snacking game to take our love for cricket to the next level. Use the Pringles crisps to make duck lips and go on a selfie spree with your squad. While at it, be sure to upload your creative duck selfies here with #PringlesDuckLips and stand a chance to win surprise gift hampers. I say, start clicking already!

Brace yourself, folks, and be #MatchReadyWithPringles because the real game has just started. Are you ready?