In today’s share of absolutely bizarre news, we have Qatar orchestrating a ‘fake’ football fans parade ahead of the FIFA World Cup due to begin on 20th November.

Reportedly, scores of football fans have been crowding the streets of Qatar’s capital, Doha, a week before the tournament begins. Carrying banners and flags with painted faces, these hundreds of ‘fake fans’ are masquerading as supporters from different nations.

Qatar fake football fans FIFA World Cup 2022
The Sun

Online football fans are doubting the authenticity of the videos showcasing crowds of football supporters parading in the streets of Doha. They’re calling them ‘paid actors’ and ‘fake fans.’ These suspicious videos were posted on the country’s official community platform, Qatar Living.

These clips show ‘supposed’ enthusiastic fans from Brazil, England, Portugal, Ghana, Argentina, and more. However, whether these fans are migrant workers from Qatar who’re partying early or whether the parades have been officially staged is not yet clear, reports The Sun.

Qatar fake football fans parade
The Sun

Regardless, the demeanour of these enthusiastic shippers seems to be artificially crafted. People are raising eyebrows about the legitimacy of these fans. Some online users claim to have spotted the same fans supporting different countries in different videos. The absence of any female fans has also been brought to notice.

Take note of what ‘legit’ football fans are saying.

Well! It’s surely going to be one hell of a World Cup.