There is a reason why Rafael Nadal is loved so much across the globe. Tennis fans or not, everyone admires him and it’s not just because of the brilliance of his game – it is also because of his humility.

In an instance proving the same, Nadal picked up a kid who was stuck in the crowd lined up to take his autograph and the internet couldn’t love him more for that. 

The kid was getting squished among other children who all wanted to meet Nadal at the ongoing US Open. On seeing him in tears, the tennis legend picked him up and stood with him for good 2 minutes before signing his cap.

He also kept stroking his cheek in order to clam him down.

The video of this incident soon went viral, with people appreciating Nadal for being so kind and sensitive. This includes the child’s father who said his son considers Nadal to be a hero now.

Nadal keeps giving us new reasons to love him.