The ‘India B team’ is on a Sri Lanka tour, and is supposed to play 3 ODIs and T20Is. Out of which, it has played 2 One Day Internationals, and won them to clinch the series. 

Before we proceed, let’s stress on the terminology briefly. The ‘B Team’ is a term being used to address the group of players playing against the neighbours, but that doesn’t mean they are inferior to the squad in England. It’s just, the timing of the two series and other factors which only the BCCI would know.

That being clarified, the series against Sri Lanka is in news for a very special reason you probably already know. It’s Rahul Dravid’s first major coaching assignment with the senior squad.

The chatter about it had started from the day BCCI had announced the same, and we were all looking forward to witnessing Dravid’s guidance. 

And we were not disappointed. Dravid took charge and took it well. 

He was hands-on. 

He could be seen advising the players.

And, as some have put, very different from Dravid, the batsman. 

Look, that makes sense. We do not think that as a batsman Dravid lacked aggression, that is not what his calm demeanor should be confused with. He just had an understanding of what attributes to channel and when. Also, as a player, one’s communication on the field is restricted to their teammates (and the opposition if it’s that kind of a game), but a coach has to be everywhere, they have to make sure everything goes smoothly and Dravid did just that.

So, all in all, no aggression is not a new quality in Dravid, but it is the first time many of us are witnessing it, and we are quite excited about it. 

While we are on the topic, it is worth discussing his speech after the second ODI. We only get to hear a few lines in this video shared by BCCI, but they are enough.

You listen to him and you know that it is something he has told himself many times, quietly, while batting. But now that he is the coach, we get to hear him say it.

Rahul Dravid’s promotion to the coach’s position of the senior side was more a matter of when than if. Now we see why. Truly glad to witness this side of him.