Rahul Dravid needs no introduction. Anyone who knows anything about cricket will know the name. His brilliance has been witnessed time and time again by everyone who has followed the game of cricket. But he always remained humble and a team player from the beginning of his career to the end.

Yes, always a team player. When it comes to his life & legacy, we have all heard what the media or people in cricket had to say. But have you ever wondered what lies between the bricks of the man we call The Wall? You can’t find the answer to that anywhere but with the woman who put those bricks into place and help build ‘The Wall’. His mother. She taught him to be the humble man he turned out to be, on and off the the pitch.

Like any mother, she was obviously proud of her son and she made sure she captured every moment of his life.

His love for the game as a child.

His triumphs throughout his career.

His growth from a boy to a man.

To a legend.

All this and more, chronicled on pages between two hard covers, of what Dravid calls, “My Mother’s Scrapbook”. And who better to narrate the different stages of his life, as we flip through its pages, but the man himself. There will never be another Rahul Dravid. And we deserve to know how this one became the legend that he is.

Watch as he opens his ‘Mothers Scrapbook’ and takes us on a journey that will give you goosebumps from beginning to end:

Rahul Dravid – “My Mother’s Scrapbook” from Rahul Dravid on Vimeo .

All the Dravid fans, we are sure you are teary eyed and yes, we believe it just as much as you do that ‘The Wall still stands tall’.