When a team gives its opponent a target of 220+ in a T20 match, it’s more or less clear who is going to win. It isn’t an unachievable total, considering one side already made it, but it isn’t easy either.

Similarly, when a team needs 51 runs off the last 3 overs of a match, it’s more or less clear who is going to lose. 

Again, it is possible to score those many runs, it’s just that the task is a bit tough. Especially under pressure. 

It is in moments like these that people like Rahul Tewatia remind us of the unpredictability of sports. 

With 17 runs off 23 balls in his kitty at one point, Rajasthan Royal’s Tewatia was becoming the butt of jokes. It was like, ‘could you play any slower?’.

We underestimated him, because soon, he turned into someone else, hitting five 6s in one over, and played a huge role in the team’s 4-wicket-victory against very strong opponents, Kings XI Punjab. 

Which led to an internet furor.

Some apologies. 

And a pleasant throwback. 

These are Tewatia’s tweets from the past, which are more relevant now than ever. 

Everything he said about not giving up and keeping faith got manifested last night and people can’t stop talking about it. 

Years of patience behind a night of success. 

Good on you Tewatia. This was a long time coming.