“How good are you at maths” is what I was asked before getting assigned this article? And I feel obliged to tell you, I am pretty sh*t but even I, someone who still counts with his fingers know that there’s something off about this Venn diagram Rajasthan Royals made for Jos Buttler. 

Yeah, the perfect Venn diagram does exist but this ain’t it. Even Twitter, whose residents are generally a disagreeable and volatile bunch, came together to say as much. 

Apparently, this is a trend. Virat Kohli’s Royal Challengers Bangalore did it first, it seems. 

And they got ratioed as well. 

We understand this is some sort of a joke but it’s just really… wrong! It’s just stupid. It makes so freaking sense. Kill this trend. Burn it to the ground and flush its ashes, and IPL teams, FFS focus on making better jerseys that aren’t different shades of blue, please!