As we all know, yesterday India witnessed a heartbreaking moment when we lost the World Cup to our final opponent, team Australia. But apart from that, it seemed that the crowd at the Narendra Modi Stadium in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, was a little too quiet. So, the lack of praise and enthusiasm was really felt.

However, when it came to celeb and Bollywood star Ranveer Singh, the internet couldn’t stop talking about his ‘exaggerated sense of enthusiasm.’ This has got us wondering, with Singh offering such great energy to team India, while the crowd at the stadium was the exact opposite of it, why did Ranveer Singh’s reactions rub people the wrong way? Here are some of the posts people have shared about his support:

It seems @naughtyrobot725 has spoken up for the rest of us! Because yes, how come the audience wasn’t passionate about the match?

Ranveer Singh’s enthusiasm was much needed during a match of such gravitas. And be it Wankhede Stadium or the Narendra Modi Stadium we need people to show up with passion to support a game. Not even with regards to which team one is loyal to, but with respect to how well a team is playing.

At least he was showing his support!