Ravi Dahiya, who aced in the wrestling match and sealed a medal for India, becomes a hope for people in his village. It took an Olympic medal for him to bring electricity and water for people living in Nahri village.

He has secured a silver for India and gold is promised as he advances to the gold medal match in the freestyle category. 


Nahri village, in Haryana with almost 15000 people, is praying for his success, as his win would also be a win for development in the village. 

His father, Rakesh told Times of India, “I hope his medal brings 24×7 electricity supply and proper roads. We would like to believe that my son’s medal will bring development to the village. I am happy for his success. I am confident he will come back home with gold.

The village receives two hours of electricity in the morning and six in the evening. But, for Ravi’s matches, his semifinal bout at 2 pm, when the village has no electricity. 

The local district administration made special arrangements for an uninterrupted power supply to ensure villagers could watch the action live from the Tokyo Olympics.

Indian express

His father also says, “Now that a medal has come. I am sure a hospital will come up soon. The village folk are still waiting for a regular supply of drinking water and electricity. I am sure things will change now.”

We hope the village does benefit from his success. We wish him the best.