Coach of the Indian Men’s cricket team Ravi Shastri has finally addressed the social media trolling he is often at the receiving end of. After India’s win over England in the 3rd Test, Shastri went on camera for an interview and addressed the general assumption that he is quite fond of alcoholic beverages. 

Indian Express

Shastri chalked it up to just good banter that even though it is at his expense, he was okay with it. He even asked people to have a drink in his name and keep posting these memes as they make people laugh.

Twitter has also hailed Shastri for taking the joke in its stride and being so chill about it. 

Shastri had earlier also shown this spirit when he has been tagged in his own memes. 

If there was ever a time he was gonna be chill about it, this is probably that time. India’s winning everything and everywhere they go and Shastri definitely has played a huge role in that.