There’s nothing wrong with not being a fan of football (though you really consider giving football a shot), but it is unforgivable to pretend to be a fan. That could get you in trouble or worse, make you a laughing stock. Here’s how you tell a real football fan from a fake one.

1. REAL FAN: “Did you see the match last night?”

FAKE FAN: “Was there a match last night? Who won?”

2. A real fan watches all matches. But doesn’t always post on social media.

A fake fan checks score online so he can post a status about it.

3. A real fan is genuinely saddened by his club’s defeat.

A fake fan h ardly cares but pretends to be sad.

4. A real fan learns about players from things what he watches or reads.

A fake fan learns names from the FIFA video game.

5. A real fan buys jerseys of smaller clubs as well.

A fake fan o nly buys merchandise of famous teams.

6. REAL FAN: “Outer, tap in, lace shot, side foot, rabona, step over, minus.”

FAKE FAN: “Banana kick, bicycle kick, very fast kick, long pass.”

7. A real fan knows how to pronounce the names of foreign players.

A fake fan s ays it like it is spelt.

8. A real fan knows the history of his favourite club.

A fake fan c annot name players from last season’s squad.

9. A real fan has always been loyal to a particular club.

A fake fan w ill support whoever is on top.

10. A real fan knows the youngsters and upcoming players.

A fake fan k nows only famous names.

The Indian Super League is back and the growing number of Indian football fans are in for a huge treat. Kick-off is on 3 rd October . Mark the date!

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