A game of football is a 50-50 affair. Despite giving your best, you might end up on the losing side and there’s nothing a team can do about it except giving in your best efforts. 

That’s what the boys of CD Becerril did despite being routed 8-0 by Real Sociedad in Copa Del Rey, the knock-out tournament that runs parallel with La Liga. 


Apparently, that was enough to catch the eye of Real Sociedad president Jokin Aperribay. 

Aperribay was so impressed with the hard work and efforts of the small club that he invited the entire town of Becerril to watch a match at the Reale Arena, Sociedad’s home stadium. 


According to Spanish outlet Marca, Apperibay left Estadio Nueva Balastera with a promise to repay the club’s valiant display despite the result going horribly against them. 

Calling it an authentic festival of football, CD Becerril’s President Juan Antonio Redondo said: 

Yesterday was an authentic festival of football. We’re very grateful for the treatment of Real Sociedad and how they supported us despite the big scoreline. The president [Aperribay] told me that whenever we wanted, we’re invited to go to San Sebastian to see a top-flight match, whichever one we want, with tickets, travel and lunch for the team and board paid for. 
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Claiming it was more than just an invitation, he further said: 

He also told me that the invitation was extended to the whole town and that he’d send coaches to take the residents to San Sebastian. We have to look at our calendar and we’ll be delighted to go when we can.
Eldes Marque

It is indeed a beautiful game where the losing side ends up winning more hearts for putting up a spirited performance than the one that actually did the job. What a beautiful gesture from Real Sociedad.