On February 6, 2017, Boston’s New England Patriots completed the greatest comeback in Super Bowl history in overtime to script a miraculous win.  No team had ever come back from a deficit greater than 10 points, let alone 25. 

As the madness unfolded on the football field in Houston, Canadian tennis star Eugenie Bouchard had an interesting story unfolding on Twitter. 

Like the rest of the world, she thought Patriots did not stand a chance, down 21-0. But unlike the rest of the world, she agreed to go on a date with a random guy on Twitter if the Patriots win. The story, understandably, went viral.

And now, 10 days after that insane night, she actually kept up her word! She went on a date as promised. 

Bouchard on Wednesday went on a blind date with John Goehrke at a Brooklyn Nets NBA home game against Milwaukee.

Goehrke, it turns out, is a 20-year-old University of Missouri student and New England Patriots fan.

Bouchard, ranked 44th in the WTA rankings after a third-round run at the Australian Open, tweeted a photo of herself in a bikini on Wednesday morning saying she was honored to have been included in the 2017 edition of the annual Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue. She then dropped a hint at what was to come later in the day.

On Wednesday night, she confirmed what most of the world was waiting to hear.

And the two were seen sitting court-side. 

For his part, guy just re-tweeted Bouchard. Not much of a reaction there. 

Good on you, Genie!

PS: What a lucky dude.

(With AFP inputs)