Virender Sehwag has once again gotten into trouble for his words, as he called Virat Kohli a “chhamiya” as the former Indian captain was celebrating the fall of an important wicket with a dance. 

This happened when Mohammed Siraj scalped the important wicket of Sam Billings who was posed to score big. Virat, along with the team, started celebrating as one would and did a little, harmless celebratory dance. 

To this, Sehwag, who is deployed as a Hindi commentator for the series, said, “Chhamiya naach rahi hain wahan“. 

This kind of language has no place in cricket commentary and people soon pointed it out to him, expressing shock that he would actually say those words. 

In fact, #RemoveSehwag soon started trending on Twitter as people are now demanding that he be sacked from his position as a commentator. 

Sehwag has been notorious with his ‘jokes in the past as well and it’s time some intervention is done because this is simply not acceptable. Professional cricket needs to be played and watched in a certain manner and when a commentator and a former player of his stature says things like these, it becomes a norm. And that is not good.