After those wonderful, nail-biting victories against New Zealand in the T20Is, India lost every match it played on the tour.

We lost ODI series 3-0 and the Test series 2-0. 

Now that’s infuriating, as a fan, so one can only imagine how the players must be sleeping. The captain, especially.

Asia Net

Never exactly been known for composure, Virat Kohli blasted a reporter who asked him about certain gestures towards Kiwi skipper Kane Williamson and the crowd.

There were reports that Virat got angry with the people in the stands and put a finger on his lips, as if asking them to be quiet. Another thing that didn’t go down well with the Kiwis was his charged celebration after Williamson’s dismissal off a Bumrah delivery.

What is making headlines, though is Virat’s response to the journalist who questioned him about the same. To quote the reporter:

Virat, what is your reaction to your behaviour in the field yesterday? You were swearing at Kane when he got out and swore at the crowd. As India captain do you need to set a better example and tone it down a little bit?

To which, Virat responded:

And then the reporter said:

But Virat was in no mood to give up.

Things got even more tense when Virat asked the journalist to find out what happened, and not come with half questions. 

Anyhow, things do seem to be pretty normal because New Zealand captain Kane Williamson didn’t give much importance to the incident himself, and said that ‘it was typical’ of a ‘passionate Kohli.

Lesson 101 – when not to poke Virat.