The panic of a pandemic. The boredom of staying inside. The monotony of isolation.

We are going through a lot, and the last thing we want, is to re-live the traumas of the past.

Who'll tell that to Ricky Ponting, though.

ricky ponting won 2003 world cup for Australia with a century
Source: The Telegraph

The guy who won Australia the final of 2003 World Cup with his century, shared the picture of the bat he used that day, and it was a totally uneccesary flex honestly.

On this date in 2003, Australia crashed India's hopes of winning the World Cup, after our side miraculously made it to the final.

We all know it would have hurt less if we had not.

india heartbreak 2003 world cup final
Source: Sportskeeda

Quater-final exit? Okay expected. Semi-final? Well done. 

Final. FINAL. Now they must win. 

They couldn't, making it the first true heartbreak for millions of Indians.

india lost to australia in the World Cup final
Source: Kyro Sports

17 years on, we act like we got it together, but no one has really recovered. 

And these reminders certainly don't help, Mr. Ponting. 

We know you are distancing yourself, and that's very nice, but please keep that bat back. We don't want to see it.

Unless you want to tell us if it in fact, had a spring inside.