Roger Federer had an easy win during his French Open first round encounter on Sunday, 24th May. However, the scary part came after the match, when a fan somehow jumped onto the court in an attempt to take a selfie with the Swiss star. Federer seemed furious at what had gone down and made sure he made his feelings clear during a post match interview.

Watch his reaction here:


I’m not happy about it. Obviously, not one second I’m happy about it. It happened yesterday in the practice, too. Just a kid, but then three more kids came. And today on center court, where you would think this is a place where nobody can come on, [he] just wanders on and nothing happens. [It] happened during the finals in 2009 as well for me. So I definitely think this is something that — something that happened quickly.

It’s where you do your job, it’s where you want to feel safe, and so clearly I’m not happy about it. But nothing happened, so I’m relieved, but it wasn’t a nice situation.

This isn’t the first time something like this has happened with the tennis ace. In 2006, a fan managed to jump through and place a hat on his head and was brought down by security:

There have been other nastier incidents like when Monica Seles was stabbed by a Steffi Graf fan in 1993 in Hamburg, Germany. Roger’s reaction was justified as he said he spoke on behalf of all the players. Such lapses in security can be threatening to players and their well being.

Feature image sourced from: nypost