Earlier this morning, rumours of Rohit Sharma taking over the Indian Men’s Cricket Team’s captaincy in the limited-overs formats after the T20 World Cup went viral. The rumours suggested that Virat Kohli wanted to focus on his batting and Test captaincy.  


As you can imagine, factions were made with immediate effect. Fans of Sharma and Kohli both went berserk without a single thought if even the news was real. 

Now, these were primarily Rohit Sharma fans. When BCCI treasurer Arun Dhumal rubbished the rumours, it was time for Virat Kohli fans to rise, and the opposite of shine. 

It has somehow become commonplace for cricket fans in this country to follow this cult of personality without understanding that both the players are legends and their success means success for Indian cricket. So just, watch the game and chill out.