It was a different time. He was our childhood. He is nostalgia.“Sachin! Sachin!” reverberates in the ears of every Indian cricket fan, even today. The noise of the ball hitting willow during hisstraight drives, his signature helmet tug, the looking at the sky after every landmark. It takes you back to a wonderful time. The time when Sachin ruled.

Although it seems impossible to see that magic again, here is something that will take you back in time. Of all the great men that we have had movies about, his is probably the most anticipated. So finally, the trailer of Sachin: A Billion Dreams is here. 

Watch this for those all-too-familiar goosebumps. For it tells the story of man who carried a billion dreams.

Dhoni puts it right. It was a time when we may not have bothered about the result or how the team was performing. But we all said, “Jab Sachin batting karne aayega, tab mujhe bula lena.”