A few days ago, Pakistan cricket captain Sarfaraz Ahmed was publicly shamed by a guy who made an insensitive remark on his body, as the cricketer was visiting a mall in London with his son. 

The guy later released the video of the incident, making things even worse for Sarfaraz. 

However, there was some relief as a huge number of people came out in support of the Pak captain, saying that such a behaviour from fans is unacceptable.

Addressing the issue in detail, Sarfaraz said:

It hurt me more because my son Abdulla was with me. I was very angry at that moment but if I got into an argument, people won’t know what actually transpired that day. That’s why I felt it was important to keep quiet. I left it up to the Lord, the video came out and everyone stood up in my support.
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He also shared that his wife had a tough time and cried a lot after the release of the video.

When the video came out, I saw my wife was crying in the hotel room. I asked her what’s wrong with you and I told her we are used to listening to so much more on our face. I told her to have faith.

He added, though, that he is thankful to fans who came out in support of him and the Pakistan side. Here is the complete video of his short interview.