Virender Sehwag is also known as Nawab of Najafgarh but for many he’s the nawab of Twitter. The cricketer is extremely popular for his antics and sense of humour on Twitter. 

On Sunday, Sehwag took to Twitter to share pictures of Sourav Ganuly and Shane Warne sleeping in-between commentary duties during the India-Pakistan match in Edgbaston. The former India skipper slept on the floor, while Warne took a sofa to take rest. The tweet quickly went viral and is breaking the internet. 

Sehwag, Ganguly and Warne were part of the commentary team for the titanic clash between the two Asian giants. 

India beat their arch-rivals by 124 runs to launch their 2017 Champions Trophy campaign.

Feature image: Virender Sehwag/ Twitter